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Many countries round the world are turning online to teach their students. This virtual learning mode is gonna change the face of education bot in the developing and the developed nations.

Below is a list of online teaching tools and their uses.

  1. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ – Used to create online teaching aids and designs. Just go in there and search. You will find more than enough.
  2. https://www.canva.com/ – Free templates for graphics designs that you can pick from. You either use the automated or design yours on canva.com
  3. https://www.teaglo.com/teachers/ – This site connects teachers globally for free. It shows schools that need teachers online too.
  4. https://pixlr.com/edu/ – this online photo editor is free for students and teachers.

Explore it now.

  1. https://new.edmodo.com/?go2url=%2Fhome – This site has connecting facilities to engage students and teachers. Its also used to manage the online classroom.
  2. https://calendly.com/ – this helps you to determine who you contact and when you do the contact. Check it out. Good for tracking online appointments.
  3. https://loophq.io/ – used to access Students feedback immediately its given. Feedback is just a matter of seconds with loophq
  4. https://wetransfer.com/ – Very good for file sharing. No registration required and its free of charge!
  5. https://www.classdojo.com/en-gb/?redirect=true – This is a student, teacher and family members (parents) connector. It makes learning continuous with parental involvement.
  6. https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h – this is very good for class communication. It also helps the class to stay organized and save time.
  7. https://www.schoology.com/ – Good for distance learning. Provides great home learning tips.
  8. https://www.classcraft.com/lp/volume-meter/ – is another one for all learners and instructors. Helps to keep the class quiet.
  9. https://web.seesaw.me/ – This helps in sharing and demonstrating learning.
  10. https://www.educreations.com/ – Helps in teaching anyone from anywhere. Teachers and students sign up separately.
  11. https://kahoot.com/ – This tool makes learning awesome. The site has over 50 million public games and more facilities.
  12. https://bouncyballs.org/- Balls are bounces with microphone of user. Used to manage noise and learn. Can also keep children busy and allow mum take a nap for sure.


More to come in our next release on this site.

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