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The richest man in Black Africa, Alhaji Aliko Dangote has found himself in deep shit. This time its not the business climate change that he knows how to handle but its the case of two ladies claiming and showing evidence of their love relationship with the business tycoon.

One of the ladies showing up is Bea Lewis (an American restauranteur) who is half Dangote’s age. She displayed her love secret with Dangote on her instagram handle where she is referred to as iambealewis. She showed her picture with the billionaire. She stated that she learned a lot from Dangote’s closeness.

The second lady who came up to say she had a love tango with Dangote is Allarounda1. She did not only show pictures of herself with Dangote like the first lady but showed a lustful 9 seconds video clip of her and Dangote indoors. The lady claimed she benefitted immensely from her friendship with Dangote.

Dangote has been silent on this issues and has not come forward to say whether its true or false. Some posts on WhatsApp have shown pictures suggesting that photoshop may be involved.

Details will come out soon.


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