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The Kogi state governor has maintained his stance in recent times about the absence of Covid-19 disease in Kogi State. in a recent television interview the governor hinted that the huge amount of money expended on Covid-19 protocols should be keyed into other diseases and infections that take more lives.

During the lockdown in many states in 2020, Kogi state was not locked. It remained open to all and sundry and yet the disease did not spread. Nigerians are beginning to see some sense in Yahaya Bello’s stance. For example, Nigerians say they are dying more of hunger than due to Covid-19. Some Lagos residents have posted on social media that they will resist another lockdown without food in 2020.

Many state governors have now announced the resumption dates for school even as the federal government asked that schools should remain closed till end of January. Those states are beginning to know what federalism means at least in this case. those states however insist that preventive measures should be adhered to in schools.

Nigerians says if our rowdy markets can be opened why close the schools?

So many sides to the same issue.

Lets have your comments below on this matter.

More to come soon.

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