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“Trouble in form six” is a a popular school novel about some students that landed themselves in trouble while in school. Trouble had erupted about 3 to 4 weeks ago at Deeper life School in Uyo. A J.S.S 1 student was said to have been sexually molested by seniors and teachers at the school.

The parent of the student who was not pleased with the way the matter was handled took to Facebook and made videos to let the whole world know what is going on. She was bitter because she said she paid close to a million to get her son settled in the school. Recently, Don Davis was shown in a video where he mentioned the name of the culprits in the school. he said the culprits who were in S.S.3 dipped their hands and legs in his anus and did other crazy and inhuman stuff to him. The mother said he looked unkept when she went to see him after a dream she had about him.

Don Davis told his mother that the school authority said they were helping them by giving them lunch which they did not pay for. A lot of reports exist which need clarifications in this case.

The school principal was said to have pleaded with the mother to allow her settle things in house. The school principal is now on suspension. Okezie said she was being lied against that she told them she was not don Davis mother. Their are accusations and counter accusations in this matter.

This matter had raged for a while with the involvement of the Akwa Ibom state government. Mrs Okezie seemed to be unsatisfied with the investigations being done. Many Nigerians have commented on social media wondering why investigations into the matter is taking forever. Many are now asking for justice for Don Davis and the punishment of the offenders.

Its reported that Mrs Okezie wants a hundred million naira as damages or settlement. She however, did another video to say that was not true.

Parents and guardians need to take closer look at ways they handle their children. School teachers should up their game in their role as second parents to school children. Government should also take a closer look at its regulatory roles.

More details soon.


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