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I started my youtube channel December 8, 2019. I got monetised January 11, 2021. I got monetised 398 days after I started my channel. I got monetised with about 200 videos.

Hard work you see!

Smart work too.

It was a journey worth the while. I felt tired along the way but the encouragement from other youtubers got me going. Every milestone brings new energy. just as every success propels one to do more. I got most of my ideas from YouTube videos of other Youtubers. Some suggested posting one video per day. Later someone said I can make one good video per week.

Shortly before I Got monetised someone recommended 3 to 4 videos per day. The 3 to 4 videos per day was suggested by Sanmi Akindipe. I enjoyed and know Sanmi even before I started watching his videos on Youtube. I knew Sanmi from the Success Digest Newspaper days. I knew he had stuff to give together with Hope Eno those days. I am happy and elated I took the steps outlined by many Youtubers. I also put my videos in more than one playlist as advised.

I messaged some Nigerian Youtubers and some of them responded. One or two responded. One of the responders asked me to focus on my THUMBNAIL. When I started, I had no thumbnail on any of my videos. I observed that with the thumbnail came more viewing and viewers and visitors. Aside from thumbnail, I worked on my script as suggested by a white guy called Nick. I now have a script with introduction, body and conclusion.

I started with my former phone and upgraded the phone with time. I got to produce better quality videos with time. Close to one year, I livestreamed and that got me going more in terms of watch hours and subscriptions. I now have a Sunday Sunday livestream on various topics on my channel. I also worked on my content and am tending to talk more on agricultural practises, marriage, motivation and others.

Gradually, I got monetised. I cant write all the story here. Watch and listed to he video. You will be glad you did.

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