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Agrochemical sellers are present in many towns, villages and cities.

The number of agrochemical stores are on the rise due to increased farming by the populace.

Agrochemical stores are strategically located near farms where farmers can easily access them.

As farm machines are not easily accessible, some have resorted to the use of agrochemicals to ease their farm work.

Weeding with hoe and cutlass can take a while to complete.

It can also lead to backache and change of posture with time.

Weeding with hoe and cutlass can disfigure individual’s posture.

This and many more are reasons why agrochemicals are thriving.

Farming can be an interesting venture or business for anyone.

In order to clear the land and prepare it for planting, some chemicals are applied to the farm.

In other to kill bugs and microbes that attack and affect crops and farm produce, some chemicals are applied directly on the crops or the soil.

Some chemicals are applied on the farm to get over diseases that are affecting the crops.

The amount of money expended on chemicals cannot be overemphasized.

Some chemicals are used during weeding to kill weeds.

Even after planting some selective chemicals can be used to deal with only targeted weeds and not the crop plant.

The chemicals used to kill weeds are referred to as herbicides.

The chemicals used to kill insects that affect plants on the farm are called insecticides.

The chemicals used to kill pests are called pesticides.

The chemicals used to kill nematodes are called nematicides.

The chemicals used to kill molluscs are called molluscicides.

The chemicals used to kill rodents are called rodenticides.

The chemicals used to kill algae are called algicides or algaecides.

Chemicals such as fungicides, bactericides, etcetera are used to remove disease from the farm.

Farm diseases are caused by microorganisms.

These microorganisms can be prevented from entering the farm via various methods.

Quarantine, is one method of disallowing disease from reaching a farm.

Another method is not allowing visitors into the farm.

People who come to buy farm produce can be asked to stay at designated areas far from the farm, where they can pick up farm produce.

Vehicles entering the farm compound should be disinfected before entry.

Special clothing should be worn by visitors who must enter the farm area.

Chemicals can also be used to preserved farm produce.

Chemicals used on the farm have an active ingredient that make them work well.

Inorganic fertilizers are also chemicals.

Some soil conditioners are also agrochemicals.

Soil conditioners are added to soil to keep it in good condition.

Most crops require neutral pH for optimum growth.

Acidic oils are balanced up by amending with an alkaline compound mostly in solution.

Acid solution are added to very alkaline soils to bring the soil pH to neutral.

The aim of any agrochemical added to soil or crops is simply to increase agricultural productivity.

This increase in agricultural productivity also means an increase in the amount of money in the farmers pocket or bank account.

The total and ultimate aim of farming is for the farmer to smile to the bank.

Hence, the total and ultimate goal of agrochemical application is for the farmer to smile to the bank.






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