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“It’s a great honour to write to you today. This is because I know you are part of the top 10% of people in the world who are online and read blog articles like this one and want to make a good living in a honest way”

Today, I am explaining to you “HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM CUSTARD”

Do you know the difference between custard and ogi or akamu?

The only difference between custard and ogi or akamu is colour and flavour.

Its very easy to make and or manufacture custard powder.

Mix exactly 50kg of corn starch together with corn starch premix 1 and 2 with 50 g sunset yellow and 1 litre of favour.

Produce larger or smaller quantity using the above ratio.

Mix all these thoroughly with a blender or powder mixed and then package using a customized container or nylon.

Marketing of custard is quite easy especially in cities and towns and villages too.

This is because people are used to modern life.

Marketing can be done in different ways.

You can let people in your circle of influence know about the product.

You can get a shop of your own in town where you display the product.

You can market it to other store owners both big and small.

You can arrange and export them through various credible outlets.

You can advertise on social media.

You can join different custard groups on telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, LinkedIn and many more social media outlets.

Take the marketing and sales very seriously.

The profit margin is over 50% in Nigeria, Africa.

Let me know how the business gels with you.


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