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Some aspects of Yoruba vocabulary and greetings in Yoruba Language.

Day is ojo in yoruba.

Morning is aaro.

Afternoon is osan.

Evening is ale.

Sunset is irole.

Return is abo.

Work or job is ise.

Tomorrow is ola.

Today is oni.

Yesterday is ana.

Sorry is pele.

Be watchful is pele.

Take heart is pele.

Year is odun.

Week is ose.

Month is osu

Time is akoko or asiko

Period or season is igba

Eku is good

Eku osan is good afternoon

Ekuabo is welcome

Eku aaro is good morning

Eku ale is good evening

Till is oda

We will see tomorrow is odola

We will see in the afternoon is odosan

We will see in the night is odale

We will see in the morning is odaro

We will see at sunset is odirole

Good bye is odabo

Its quite a long time is eku ojo meta

Its quite a long time is oto jo meta

Thanks for yesterday is modupe or ose ana


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