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You are the only sugar in my tea

You are the only mosquito in my cupboard

You are the only lion in my zoo

You are the only honey in my pot


“It’s a great honour to have you read my post today.

This is because I know you are part of the top 10% of people in the world who are on YouTube and want to see originality in content creators.


Today, I am explaining to you “BABA LORI IRO AND HIS ORIGINALITY”


Late Gbenga Adeboye Funwontan sang that if you play like some musicians you can never be exactly those musicians that you copy.


John Mason also spoke audibly about this concept of originality in his book.


Common dance steps of musicians and dancers does not make news.


A new, original dance step becomes the talk of the city. Why? Its original!


We are all born original.

You are original and need not die as a photocopy.

A Baba just showed up from somewhere and phew he became trending.

Even BBC is showcasing him

That is the power of originality.

The man just did his thing.


Guys lie to girls to win their love.

Women lie to men to gain acceptance too.

Politician hmmnnnn, are experts in lies.

Lori iro

The man’s name is not baba lori iro but that’s his trademark now sir.


What’s your trademark?

The baba just did his thing…original

Face alone sang about originality.

Originality will stand you out in life.


Originality will stand you out in business

Originality will stand you out in music, in theatre, drama


Originality made Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Graham Bell, all real inventors.

I listened to some old music recently and am fascinated at the lyrics and music percussions and combination.

I just recognized the originality.


While other videos were easy or free to download some of these original songs are not free to download.

One needs to pay to download them.

The evergreen songs and material had great value.


Baba Lori Iro was not the first to say the things he said but he was the first to put it together that way and got it to the public


Two biologists developed a law on natural selection.

One of them reported it first and the law was credited to him

When you are original, strive to get it to the public domain first to get the patent so to say.


We are all born original and if we explore and live as original people we will do great things and achieve our potential.

Baba lor iro, ekare sir.

His real name is Evangelist Ismail Badmus.

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