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It’s great to be with you today.

A polluted environment needs proper cleaning

Who do you spend your time with?

Avoid negative people because they will influence you negatively


Be careful what you allow in your mind environment

Offence will come

Will you allow it in or not?

It depends on you


You may not be able to control how others act to you

But you can act well despite the environment


No matter what happens in life keep a positive mental attitude

Things may not go as planned

Times may be bad

Tough times may set in

You need to be tough as the tough time will not last


Decide what you allow in

Its up to you how you react

We here about how the economy is going down

And the government is not playing its role


Deliberately listen to good news

Deliberately talk good talk

Deliberately speak words of faith and lifting

Get rid of the poison in your environment


The world is full of negative people

The world is filled with people with negative mental attitude

Its important you consider again who you are spending time with

Run away from people who contaminate your environment


No time to waste with people who are not adding to your life

Change who you are spending time with and take your life to the next level

If your close associates are bad you will become bad.

Avoid rumour mongers


Take yourself to new levels

Take your family to new levels

Take your community to new good levels

Take your world to great heights

Stop spending time with people who do not see your greatness and goals

Change your association if you are getting bad results

If you are an eagle leave the turkeys alone

You are an eagle, leave the chickens alone

Associate and mingle with other eagles


Avoid people who drain all your energy

Avoid energy sucking

Go into relationship with people who encourage and help you

You may not have friends for a season

New and better friends will show up soon


You can’t control others but you can control yourself

Stop dwelling on what’s not working out

You can rule your environment

You may not be able to rule others environment


Don’t be controlled by what you don’t have control over.


You can’t control others but you can control yourself

A man was abused by his wife’s brother.

The husband told the wife to talk to him

She said she can’t change her brother’s attitude but the husband can decide how he reacted and very well

That was the turning point

That guy did not change but the husband changed


Control what you can control and leave the others

Your decision to control what you can control will take care of what you can’t control


When you face difficulties

When you have a set back

Discouragement may set in

That’s when to take yourself out for a snack

That’s when to buy yourself a drink


Think purposely

Be selective of your associates

See the best rule your emotions


In the COVID-19 era be positive in your attitude

Everything will soon be alright

Things will take shape again

Things will look up again

Rule your environment today

Don’t let anyone poison your environment

Those are not bad people but just attitude issue

Kill them with kindness

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