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It’s a joy to be with you today.

As you take time to help others, God will be helping you

Look around and see a need you can meet

Help someone accomplish their dream

As you are doing this god is also working yours out

Gods ways are not our ways

Help others in the midst of your problem

Give your time, resources and energy to others

If you have a big problem don’t brood

Instead find someone with smaller problem and solve it

Sow a seed


Encourage someone in distress

My father was a philanthropist

Helping and blessing others in need

We had need but he helped and sacrificed for others

We complained

Years later, the American government sponsored my brother to do research in America

My mind flashed back that that was part of the harvest

More harvests have been seen and more are still expected

Helping others will not reduce you

Make sacrifices for others to come up

That will be your lifting too

The people you lift are the ones who will lift you somehow

Joseph in The Bible had a dream

His brothers sold him as slave

He helped people even in his problem

The helped he rendered ensured he became great

Your greatness lies in helping people

There is joy in helping others

The joy of putting a smile on another’s face

And that smile is because of you

God has not forgotten about you

The seed you sow will still come up for harvest

Keep doing good

Get ready for great surprises

It will force you to your destiny

When you are helping others

You are doing yourself a favour

When you doing good to others

You are doing yourself good

The law of kindness is inexplainable

The kindness you show will return to you

The seed you have been sowing are coming back to you

Promotion, recognition, advancement, privileges, etcetera are coming to your life now.

Get ready.

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