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A personal loan from a bank is usually the cheapest way for most people to borrow money.

Personal loans can be both secured and unsecured. A secured loan gives the lender rights to specific property, such as a car. Unsecured loans typically have a higher interest rate because they are a higher risk loan that the lender would have a more difficult time recovering if you default on the payments.

The Quick PayDay Loan Agreement

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If something goes wrong, a personal loan will provide you with more protection than a Hire Purchase agreement. Typically, you have an opt-out period during which you can change your mind without incurring any penalties.

Personal loans come in a variety of forms, including car loans, home improvement loans, and college loans, to name a few.

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A personal loan allows you to buy what you need right now and pay for it over the next few months or years. If you need a car right away but don’t have the money, a personal loan gives you the benefit of having the money right away, allowing you to buy the car, keep your job, and pay off the loan.

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Personal loans differ from mortgages in that a mortgage can only be used to purchase real estate. The mortgage loan will have a lower interest rate because it is secured against a property that is expected to appreciate in value, reducing the risk to the lender.

With the advent of the Internet, customers can easily shop around for a personal loan from multiple sources and compare payments. Customers must, however, compare like with like. Some loans include insurance, while others have set-up fees or early repayment penalties.

Comparing interest rates is another difficult task. Some companies quote a flat rate, while others quote a percentage of the original loan added on a regular basis. The low rate quickly escalates to an exorbitant one.

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Variable or fixed interest rates are both possible. Even a significant difference in annual percentage rate (APR) may result in only a minor difference in repayments, particularly over a short 12-month term.

Check that the amounts payable are within your budget, or you may lose the goods you purchased and have to continue making payments on them!

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