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We welcome you heartily to this blog. The success doors were made of wood yesterday. Today they are made of steel. The keys of yesterday were big and made by local blacksmiths. The keys of today are small but open big doors. Some doors don’t even need any key. Some need you to approach them and then they open. Others need you to use remote control on them. Hence the need for new keys. Things are changing daily. This blog comes in handy. The methods used yesterday can’t work today sir. The internet is a goldmine and we are moving on yet. Don’t be left behind.

Any individual that uses 3% of his/her brain capacity is termed a genius.  What about those who use 4% to 8%? Hey! Super people. It’s time for you to be super. Many people do not know and hence they go into and remain in bondage and captivity. One single secret clearly seen by any dummy will make that dummy a star. This blog/site is created to make you a star.

This blog will bring information on entertainment, lifestyle, campus gist, celebrity gist, crime, security and sports to you daily. Watch out for it daily. Information is power. These news and other information will better your life and broaden your horison. Get set and lets go there.

Welcome Back!

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