African Man from Nigeria become the first person in the World to Eat a Fish that Worth 2.6 Million Dollars ($2,600,000)

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A man from a village with his village people have been said to have eaten a fish they caught. The fish is said to be worth 2.6million United States Dollars.

The fish was said to be one that was not usually eaten due to its mercury levels.

The man allegedly caught and kills a Blue Marlin fish in the Rivers State Local Government Area of Andoni days ago. He knew little that for his coming generations he had eaten the wealth.

Blue Marlin fish, which is around N14.5 million, is worth around $31,000 per pound. If the reports are correct, he would have sold the fish for about N1.2 billion for 2,6 million dollars.


The blue Marlin is one of the fastest, most powerful predators of the open ocean and one of the most popular fishes of the game. The blue Marlin is one of the largest species of knotty fish with a weight of at least 1800 pounds (~820 kg) and a length of over 16 feet (~5 m).

We need to cultivate the habit of planting our seeds instead of just eating them up!