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Best Ice Block Machine Type For Nigeria

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The best machine type for your ice block business is what I am sharing with you today.

In most machines you tie the ice block with rope and the nylon with water lie in the machine.

This method is common in the tropics and is laborious. There is a better way and a better method where you do not need to tie the mouth of the nylon with rope or whatever. All you need to do in the second method is to put water in the nylon and place it in the machine vertically and in standing position. You will place the set up side by side until each row is complete.

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Ice block with tied nylon in machine

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Some other machines you do not need to tie the mouth of the water nylon.

The one that does not need to tie, you arrange the water with nylon side by side. This is better and the labour cost is minimal. In this method the nylon can be held empty in the machine and a hose will be used to fill it in position right inside the machine. With this method one can fill a machine that can take 100 blocks in less than 40 minutes.

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When the water become iced, you will use a long iron to tilt the ice block side by side and then they are moveable for you to take them out and sell.

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If you ask me, I will advise that you go for the machine that you do not need to tie the ice block nylon. To tie of ice block nylon can be laborious and can discourage you at some point. Let’s take out the labour of tying of the nylon and enjoy our profits in this laudable and cool business. That is all for now.

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