Fisherman Breaks the Brown Trout Record for 55 Years, Caught Biggest Fish Ever

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Last Wednesday Robbie Dockter was catching fish in the river Marias in Montana. He thought something snackled his lure. He knew that he had crouched into something big when it started moving upriver.

“I thought I had a brown about ten pounds finally, but then she rolled into my lamp and we realized it was big and bigger than any previous” Dockter told the Independent Record.

Dockter and his daughter fishing with him on the end of the day landed a Montana record of brown trout with a weight of 32.43 pounds, a 28.5-inch circle of 37 cm in length, and a state record of 55 years of age.

E.H. Peck Bacon’s old record in Wade Lake caught in 1966 was 29 pounds.

Dockter, known for the large truth, fished an ultralight fishing rod and a 4-pound test on a stretch of river. When it began upstream, Dockter told the Record that the brown trout “had done whatever it wanted.”

He fought the fish 15 minutes before he finally managed to lead the fish downstream. The net was handed to his daughter Sierra and he scooped it up.

The docker (person employed in a port to load and unload ships) reminded Sierra that the 25-pound salmon that he had caught in Tiber Reservoir might be larger.

The fish weighed on their scale 32 pounds back to the truck. In the meantime, Sierra went online and found that the state record was 29 pounds.

“I called my wife and said I just caught the government record and she didn’t believe me,” Dockter told the record.

The following day, they met a game guard who authentically saw the breed trout at Christiaens Meat & Grocery in Valier weighed in a certified scale.

“It’s a truly humbling experience and I think it demonstrates the existence of monsters, and it is evidence that you never know and that it only takes one cast,” Dockter said to the Record. “Fishing is so cool this way.”