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How to make money from Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria in 2022

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The campus is a big market for egg business. Students eat egg role like no man business on campus. The women selling on campus do not have time to run to town to buy eggs. Hence, they rely on marketers and distributors who bring the eggs o them. Eggs are needed to make meat pie, bake cakes, sell food at eateries. Fried eggs are eaten with yam and indomie and rice too. Apart from the campus, you can sell your eggs almost everywhere.

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The distribution of eggs to shops, households, and business centers in Nigeria is a lucrative business that most entrepreneurs have overlooked. With the distribution of eggs to shops, households, and business centers, you can make up to 200,000 in a day and over 890,000 in a month.

As a Nigerian, looking for a lucrative business to do can be very stressful and confusing; if you find one you love or have a passion for, the competition is either high, or you may have limited demand and supply, and so on. However, with the egg distribution business, you can make six figures monthly into your bank account. Now, let me show you how you might be able to make a living from the egg distribution business in Nigeria.

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As you are all aware, the Egg Distribution business entails purchasing eggs directly from farms and reselling them at a wholesale price to retailers, individuals, wholesalers, or even final consumers.

With N90,000k, you can earn more than 160,000 in a few weeks if you deliver eggs up to four times per week, or 70k if you deliver eggs once or twice per week.

Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria: Things To Know | FabWoman

The egg supply business is very profitable, and you can set your own profit margins. Before we look at the potential profit of this business, let’s look at the benefits and uses of eggs to see why the egg supply business is booming.

How Do You Begin an Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria?
Because the business is similar to drop shipping, you may not need an office (if you really need one and can use your home). Before you can begin purchasing eggs, you must first contact 2-3 egg sellers who will always buy eggs in bulk.

It is simple to gain new customers as long as you do not disappoint with your delivery, your prices are lower, and your eggs are neat/fresh/sizable.

Wholesalers are eager to buy because most prefer distributors because you will bear the risks of cracks, conveying, and transportation contingencies.

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Because eggs are high in cholesterol, they are ideal for growing children’s diets. It can lower the risk of many diseases, it provides quality protein to the body, it is high in vitamin A, which promotes healthy eyesight, and it contains chlorine, which is used to build cell membranes, which aids in the production of molecules in the human brain.

Eggs have numerous applications; we use them in the baking of a variety of confectioneries such as bread, cakes, meat pies, and so on. It is used in cosmetics such as shampoo, conditioners, soaps, cholesterol, face masks, and many other products. It is also used as glue, and the sticky quality of egg white cleans some surfaces such as leather. To be clear, there is a lot of demand for eggs in the Nigerian market right now, and it will continue to be so.

There are some tips to consider if you want to have a successful egg distribution business in Nigeria, and here are some of the tips you need for your eggs supply business in Nigeria.

How to Start Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria

Possess a Vehicle
When you turn your egg business into a mobile one, it becomes more profitable in Nigeria. The goal of this is to make it easier for you to distribute your eggs to your customers. Most shop owners are usually too comfortable once they are seated in their shops, so they are hesitant to go to the farms to pick eggs, and they also consider the number of cracked eggs they will realize if they pick eggs directly from the farm on their own. This is why being mobile is essential in the egg business.

Find Your Target Market
Picking up eggs from farms is not a problem; what matters is your target market. The densely populated area should be your target. It could be any market; the mobility aspect forces you to spread your distribution process all over the place. Once you’ve determined where and to whom you’ll be distributing your eggs, you’ll only need to go there.

To begin buying and selling eggs, you must first locate two or more farms, depending on the capacity you wish to work in; a poultry farm is where you can obtain eggs for sale. Before you can begin picking eggs from farms, you must be a registered customer with the farm and be consistent, which means you must pick up eggs weekly.

Other Resources for Work
Empty crates, either paper or plastic, are the most basic tool required for this business. You can purchase crates of 200 pieces for N20,000 or N15,000 if you choose to purchase paper crates; the total number you will require to run your business is now up to you. It is important to note that paper crates are more protective of your eggs, as they reduce the number of cracks you will notice when transferring your eggs. They are also less expensive, but they deteriorate faster than plastic crates.

The cost of acquiring a used vehicle accounts for nearly 85% of the capital required in this business. Once you’re mobile, the only money you’ll need to start this business is N150,000, which will buy you 100 crates of eggs. A crate of eggs can cost N1500 or less from the farm depending on the size you choose to buy; any remaining funds will be spent on fuel and other road expenses.

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Profitability in the Nigerian Egg Distribution Business
You are your own boss in this business, and you decide how much profit you want to make each week. Depending on the size of the egg you buy, you will make N100 on a crate if you sell as a whole seller, but if you sell as a retailer, you can make N200 on a crate. If you limit yourself to selling only 100 crates of eggs per week, you will make a weekly profit of N9,600, which equates to a monthly profit of N39,000 due to breakage.

How To Start Eggs Supply Business To Shops In Nigeria – Wealth Result

This is how you calculate your profit. Setting a goal of selling 1,000 crates of eggs per week will result in a weekly profit of N100,000, multiplied by 12 months for a monthly profit of N400,000. I am confident that if you deduct your monthly expenses from this amount, you will still have a reasonable amount to save.

Buying and selling eggs may appear strange to you, but focus on how profitable it is and stop waiting for a job in that oil and gas company, which may not come until your responsibilities are enormous. Maintain a busy and productive schedule.

Feel free to leave a comment, and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Finding a farm where you can pick up eggs may also be a challenge for you; ask us any question, and we will gladly respond.
I wish you the best of luck in your business endeavors.


Business Opportunities in Nigeria’s Egg Distribution Industry
The following are some of the most common opportunities to be found when starting an egg distribution business in Nigeria:

1). Common Supplies: Eggs could be supplied on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis to homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries, providing the business handling the supply with a recurring stream of income because its main use at its supply points is for the preparation of cooked meals and pastries.

2). Industrial supply: Eggs are used in the production of glue and other materials in some industrial practices. As a result, these industries require a consistent and recurring supply of large egg volumes from a variety of suppliers.

3). Cosmetics: Some cosmetic companies use eggs to make hair and skin care products.

4). Fitness: Most gyms encourage their members to eat a lot of eggs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to increase their protein intake and, as a result, gain a lot of muscle mass. You could approach gyms to establish a supply link between your organization and their customers.

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