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Stop saying you have no job.

Stop walking the streets searching for jobs from people that are less than you in age, idea, opportunities, information, contacts, etc.

Start something now.

People producing different products around you are not smarter than you, they are just brave and ready for challenges.

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You are too loaded not to own your own business or company.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

You can create jobs with yam processing today.

You can become an employer of labour with yam processing.

Yam is of the Dioscorea genus

You can become rich with yam processing.

Yam and its products can be a huge money spinner for you today.

You can get yam by farming yam.

That is by having a yam farm.

Yam farming is good as it enables you to maximise profits.

If you can’t farm yam or if you don’t have the time or interest, you can buy yam for this business when yam is in season.

Yam comes to season around June to August each year.

Many sellers flood the market during this time.

All you need to do is to buy the yam in excess and at a good rate.

You can then process the yam to make yam flour (elubo) and pounded yam flour (Poundo yam).

Everyone knows yam can be eaten with palm oil or eggs.

Pounded yam can also be made and eaten with any soup and fish or meat.

Porridge can also be made with yam.

Those are common and can make any dummy money.

The processing of yam into yam flour and poundo yam (pounded yam flour) will make any dummy more money than the actual sale of actual yam.

Reason is because yam flour and pounded yam flour (poundo yam) can be stored for longer period and you will not be under pressure to sell due to possibility of spoilage.

Yam processing is a way to keep yam from spoiling on time.

Yam processing into dried state in form of pounded yam flour and yam flour ensures availability of the food all year round, even when yam is not in season.

Yam processing is a way to make more money from yam.

Chemicals may be added in trace amounts to preserve the food longer.

Yam processing also ensures the storage and transport of the food product.

I have made a hot video on processing of yam to make yam flour (elubo) already. Check out the video in my playlist.

The difference between yam flour and pounded yam flour is that in pounded yam flour the yam is parboiled before processing.

Another difference is that the yam is peeled properly.

Pounded flour yam is also peeled properly but extra care is given to the pounded yam flour due to the whiteness of the finished product.

Yam flour and pounded yam flour do not have much sugar as are obtainable in gari, fufu and other carbohydrate foods.

Yam flour and pounded yam flour are recommended for diabetics.

Yam flour and pounded yam flour are smooth to eat and easy to swallow.

The market for yam flour is large due to the population of the world.

The population of the world is said to be increasing at a geometric progression (GP) while food supply is increasing in arithmetic progression (AP).

Some individuals and corporate bodies have ventured into yam flour and pounded yam flour processing already but there is still large room space for many more to join in this lucrative food business.

Many people who produce this food locally do not do it in a hygienic environment and they also do not package it very well.

Some of the drawbacks seen in the production process can be corrected in your own production process and that will mark you for profits and more sales.

Yam is the major raw material needed for yam flour and poundo yam flour production.

Benue state alone accounts for over 40% of yam produced in Nigeria.

Other major yam farmers abound in the South-West and South-South of Nigeria.

Nigeria happens to be the major grower or producer of yam tubers all over the world.

The implication is that yam will always be available for your processing.

Some machines are required for the processing of yam to make it faster.

These machines will dry and even grind the yam.

Tuber grinding machine, hammer mill, grinder sifter and sealing and packaging machines are also required.

These machines can be sourced or produced locally.

If you are just starting and don’t have money for the machines, you can rent the machine for use at every point when its needed.

Having a machine of your own will nevertheless, increase your profit margin drastically.

Marketing of these foods can be done in different ways.

You can arrange and export them.

You can get a shop of your own in town where you display the product.

You can market it to other store owners both big and small.

You can let people in your circle of influence know about the product.

You can advertise on social media.

You can join poundo yam flour and yam flour groups on twitter, LinkedIn, telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more social media outlets.

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