elubo Yam flour processing


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Yam flour is amala in Yoruba language. Amala is a product of yam commonly eaten by the Yorubas. Its best to prepare the yam flour when yam is cheap and in much supply in the markets. This process is necessary to increase food availability. During harvest excess yam find their way to the market. The supply then exceeds demand and price drops. This implies that the farmer losses.

Yam flour is eaten by Yorubas all over the world. Yorubas are currently resident in all continents and countries of the world. Amala is eaten with soup with meat or fish or both.

To make yam flour:

  1. Buy the yam and peel it.
  2. Soak the peeled yam for 24 hours in clean hot water to undergo some fermentation. This makes some toxic content in the yam to be lost.
  3. When the processed yam is in its powdery form, you will cook for minimal time.
  4. After soaking, wash with clean fresh water and spread on a mat or clean surface o dry using sunlight energy.
  5. It will dry after some days.
  6. When its dried pack it and put it in an air tight container and store till later for grinding.
  7. Grind the stored processed yam immediately or leave it for about 3 to 6 months in the air tight container.
  8. The ground powder can be eaten when prepared with hot water and turned with turning stick.
  9. the ground powder can be packaged in customised nylon or such other labelled packaging materials and sold in big stores or markets.
  10. Some whites love amala with gbegiri and ewedu.
  11. This processing is applicable to other food items.
  12. Buy in large quantity when in season and store till when it is not in season.

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You can watch this video to see the process.