Make Money Daily Selling and Distributing or delivering Eggs – a step by step egg business masterclass

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Welcome to my blog today. I am writing on one of the MONEY MAKING skills dear to me today. This skill or business have helped me to mitigate the effect of inflation and am still in the business today. The business is the egg supply business. Do you know that many layer birds poultry farmers produce excess eggs and are looking for buyers and customers? Do you know that you can be a solution to their problem while also getting paid and making a lot of money in the process?

How to make money from Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria in 2022

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Do you know that you can become an egg seller? Yes, you can become an egg marketer. Yes, you can become the middle man between the egg producer on the farm and the egg retailer in town? You can be the egg bridge builder between the farmer and buyer. You can be a distributor of eggs with minimal risk and large profits.

How To Start Eggs Supply Business To Shops In Nigeria – Wealth Result

A crate of egg contains 30 eggs. People who use eggs daily are your main targets. look for areas where they use eggs daily. Surprisingly, one of such areas or paces are campuses. The campus can be a university, polytechnic or college of education. Students demand for egg role, meat pie and other snacks made with eggs.


As the egg roll seller is still frying, the students will line up waiting for the egg roll to be ready. Most of these students have lectures from 8 am to 6pm. The students in a single hall can be up to 2,000 and they have to eat something all day. Sometimes, during examinations, students stay awake into the night studying into the night and over the night. they eat different things during these times and eggs are one of such. Students take eggs with rice, with yam too.

In terms of profit, you can make 100 naira from a single crate. If you are able to sell 50 crates of eggs per day that means your profit is 5,000 naira. If you multiply that by 20 working days in a moth the profit equals 5, 000 naira multiplied by 20 days. that equals 100, 000 naira. if you can sell more eggs per month, you will make more profit per month. that is how it works. You are the one that will determine how much you will make based on your effort and ability to tell many more buyers.

Eggs – Bhammy Farms Ltd.

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Now, where do you get the eggs from? You get the eggs from farms located on the outskirts of the town or city.  Get a good car and your crates and drive straight to the farms in less than an hour. Pick up the eggs, arrange it in your boot, seats, and everywhere in the car where eggs can seat. Some eggs will break no doubt. The broken ones will be eaten first by your family. It will make your family rich in protein and the ability to fight diseases will increase. The breakage will still not affect your profit.


After getting the eggs, walk up to bakers, campuses and stores outside campus and sell to them. You will be surprised at the profit you will make. You can let your immediate neighbours know that you sell eggs. You can put a sign outside your house or shop showing that you sell eggs. You will be surprised how people will patronise you. People will buy in retail and wholesale. The ball is in your court. take action and make money. If you don’t have money for large scale, taste it with small scale first.

Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria: Things To Know | FabWoman

Egg distribution is one business area that you need to think of going into. It’s silent and can be done with little effort. You can make N200, 000 in a month or even more depending on your willingness to reach out more. This is a legit business that is unknown to some unemployed or some underemployed. Now you know. This is action time. Tell me the profitable story later.