Sen. Kyrsten Sinema gave the $15 minimum wage amendment A Literal Thumbs-Down

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The $15 minimum wage increase amendment of President Joe Biden’s $1,9 billion coronavirus relief bill was voted on Friday by the Republicans and seven other Democrats. One of the most controversial issues in the relief bill that passes the Senate today without wage modification was the 15-dollar increase.

Sinema’s vote came in the form of a video-captured literal thumbs down.

As USA Today reports, Sinema’s thumbs-down vote reminisced that some people voted in 2017 to reserve the Accountability Act to back up the iconic thumbs-down vote, former Arizona senator John McCain.

Other Senator Mark Kelly, Democrat of Arizona, allegedly gave up on Friday to vote for the wage-giving amendment.

The “tone deaf” nature of Sinema’s voting was soon pointed out by Twitter.

Sinema carried a Lululemon bag, as the author Bess Kalb pointed out on Twitter.

“I wish that I could not tell you, but obviously the bag is called a ‘Happy Hatha Hour’ bag and the wearer was trying to take it from yoga to cocktails by their manufacturer. Good night and happiness, “She wrote.

She made it clear: “So, then! As part of a sexist trope, the media have long focuses on women’s clothing and accessories. For female politicians in particular, this is true. What’s scandalous here is a woman who is actively combating economic justice. So Lulu’s goddamn lemon.”

Sinema was also seen yesterday with a chocolate cake. Senate staff who worked all night were reported to treat themselves to this treatment. “Marie Antoinette” began a trend on Twitter shortly after that.