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I am showing you the top ten exporters of cashew worldwide today.

Do you know the price of cashew in the global market today? The cost of raw cashew nut is $1.01-$1.28/kg. The major cashew exporting countries is what am looking at today in this article. This information will guide cashew exporters in their decision making.

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The number one cashew exporting country in the world is Vietnam (66.46%). India is number two largest exporter of cashew globally (9.28%). India follows Vietnam from a long distance. Netherlands is number 3 cashew exporter worldwide (6.07%). Germany is the number four cashew exporter worldwide (4.59%).
Ivory Coast exports 2.59% of cashew.

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Brazil from South America exports 2.07% of cashew. Mozambique, a Southern African country exports 1.19%. Indonesia exports 1.04% of cashew exports globally. Nigeria is number 10 with 0.69% export.

The medicinal and health benefits of cashew makes it desirable in advanced countries that have the purchasing power to buy this edible snack. Most people in the developing countries eat cashew raw and throw the raw cashew nut away. The processed cashew nut has more nutrients than the cashew flesh. This is the mauin reason why cashew is desirable in the developed world.

The global demand for cashew today is higher than the supply. This phenomenon makes cashew expensive. More farmers and harvestes together with more exporters are needed to fill the demand and supply gap with respect to raw cashew nuts

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